Celebrating a Great Life 100 Years After His Death

ON APRIL 21, 1910

How do you capture greatness with a pen? Mark Twain did and we should all be thankful
for possibly the greatest wordsmith in the American Experience.

Is not Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, Huck Finn and 'N' Jim embossed in our minds as
simply smart, kind, decent characters that hopefully will remain so in future generations,
They may be the standard by which all American literary characters are judged, including that
Pulitzer Prize winning Ignatius J. Reilly.

Mark Twain was Sigmund Freuds favorite American author. Mark Twains characters
arc a vital part of our American intellectual legacy. Consider the short story that accidentally
kicked off his humorous writing career, THE NOTORIOUS JUMPING FROG OF 
CALAVERAS COUNTY. What about CANNIBALISM IN CARS, which is set in almost
the exact spot where this Mobile boy grew up? Another recurrent theme of Twains can be
found in A MEDIEVAL ROMANCE. The theme is staggering and et fini is perhaps the only
one of its kind in all of literature, at least to my limited knowledge. LETTERS FROM THE
EARTH was written in 1909, one year before Twain's death but it was published
posthumously and it belies the genius power of said creation. Also. anyone who docs not
have THE MYSTERIOUS STRANGER in their readership past will consider it as a great
oversight. If you have not read same, you should not let another day go by without putting
said novella on the top of your reading list. You will not forget this book if you read it.
Staggering, LETTERS FROM THE EARTH is 56 unforgettable pages too.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that Mark Twain has more unpublished works than
published. Mr. Twain would not publish any work until he was certain the wordsmithing was
complete and also that the time was right for publication.

One of Mark Twain's latest posthumous publications is MAN IN RELIGION. From my
standpoint it is an extremely cogent case for determinism. This too, is a novella size must
read. Also, two short story classics that move me and I have recommended a lot over the
years is THE ESQUIMAU MAIDEN'S ROMANCE and also THE 1,000,000 POUND

In conclusion, it seems to me that Mark Twain is infinitely worthy of any literary accolades
that could be sent his way, Mark Twain came in with Halley's cornet (his mother was
pregnant with him) and he died when Halley's comet returned in 1910. Personally, it seems
appropriate to honor Mr. Twain on the 100th anniversary of his death.

Samuel Langhorne Clemens. those of us who savor your great creative tide and subsequent
genius, want to honor your life and salute you on this. the centennial of your death. I cannot
conjure up enough superlatives to recognize the lofty greatness of Mark Twain. Thanks a

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