From the Womb


Dear America,
I have a beating heart that many say qualifies me for having a life. I am not so sure I have a life yet since I have not experienced a sunset or savored all the ecstasies of the senses.
I have yet to experience a hug or the love of a caring provider. Though I am just beginning, I must express some anxiety. If someone would guarantee me that I would be born into a family of hope, love and direction, then I must admit to a marvelous curiosity about that which lies before me. If so, then I further solicit your support in seeing to it that I am not aborted. 

I understand life has some crippling pitfalls that can truly cause misery. Believe me, if I am going to have a miserable life then do me a favor and stop this beating heart now. If I am to be born into a home plagued with frustrated parents who abuse their children, who criticize and condemn, ridicule, fight and soak the atmosphere with hostility, then never let me taste the bitterness of that existence. If you fill my childhood with the aforementioned, can you blame me if I become a juvenile delinquent, thief, prisoner, rapist, murderer, etc. From what I understand, most of your societies ills come from homes which are poor in spirit. I could probably tolerate poverty but I don't know that I could survive a poverty of spirit. I do understand that the spirit in affluent households can be corrupted and produce miserable children too. They can become criminals but most crime seems to come from the ghetto which apparently more easily wears down the spirit. Please don't punish me and my mother and my dad by forcing me into a world no sane person would want. At least assure me that my spirit will be encouraged to soar, not beat down. 

Your world seems mad. It is filled with bombings, poverty, murders, hunger, rapes, molestation, greed, new prisons, depression, terrorism etc. Can you blame me for seriously considering the option of not wanting to enter such a world?Yes, your world seems truly mad. 

I understand there are people who wished they never had life at all.. Many commit suicide, do drugs, become alcoholics, become depressed etc. If it is all the same to you, I will gladly forego such a life of pain. I really do not ever want to ask the question 'Why did I ever live?' 

If you have any sympathy for me and those who created me, then please do not stand between my mother and her doctors. If my mother suffers the anguish of considering such a decision, merely the consideration is enough for me to say please keep me away from the world. I promise you I will not miss that which I have
never known.

Bless you all, The Hopeful Unborn

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