Good Growth, Bad Growth

Good Growth, Bad Growth

Two weeks ago mobile had another 15 acre corner raped by a developer. It is unique to watch their new Blitz-krieg style to thwart would he tree huggers. Within 48 hours the corner of airport blvd. And Cody rd was systematically raped. Now you see it now you don't! Will tile mauling of mother earth ever stop? Yes, but I am not so sure we will like this world whenever that decision is made. Growth can be both good and bad.

America needs growth. We all need growth. Once human growth ceases, it could be said death begins. The latest fountain of youth may be the human growth hormone. Our economy needs growth to create jobs and who isn't for 100% employment. An expanding economy with growing industries like real estate, construction, manufacturing, electronics etc. Create jobs which serves people as well as our society

In modern times though, it seems short sighted to think only of our society because world wide concerns now effect all of us. Consider that many people go to bed (if they have one) hungry every night. If you lift your eyes from this read, you can probably see a capitalist who would love to sell those people food, clothing, shelter and everything else you can find on Americas retail shelves.

I would dearly love for the ent1re world to have the same standard of living that americans enjoy. That can not be because there is not enough resources to fulfill one third of that impossible dream with population as it is. Could you imagine one car for every bicycle in bangladesh, china etc? It would be chaos and therein may lie the lingering answer to this question of growth.

We have approximately 6 billion people now and this number will double to 12 billion between 2050 and 2060. Perhaps ronald regan was right when he said the world could produce enough to feed that many people but wuuld there be any trees left? Would not housing, lumber and food production have used up the forests by that time? IE our resources are taxed now, what will it be like then?

Personally, the theory of overpopulation that the rev. Thomas Malthus proposed almost 250 years ago has become almost moot today with the borders of all the countries of the world patrolled by the u.n. However, with the future exponential growth of population staring humanity in the face, we must reevaluate the reverends theory. His theory, simply stated, is that all of wars of history were the result of overpopulation. In other words, as a country became overpopulated, it was natural to look to its weakest neighbor and wage war so it can have additional land and resources for its people. Also, the war of acquisi would lower the population on both sides and give a temporary reprieve the birth rate.

It would be easy to compare societies growth to an individuals growth. Individuals, when born must grow. Life and evolution demand it. However that 170 pound 20 year old man continues to grow and weighs 340 pounds at age 30 and 600 pounds at age 40, do you think he was much life left? In fact, it could be said that the length of ones life is inversely proportional to the size of their belt. In other words, the longer you belt, the shorter your life and the shorter your belt, the longer your life. Disease is not factored in here but the fact that excessive growth apparently taxes must every system in our bodies and shortens our lives is almost a forgone conclusion. Society is exactly the same way. Too many people will mean not enough land for crops which will mean the forests are vulnerable to cutting for manufacturing products, homes and cleared for urban sprawl and food production. America is one of the least densely populated countries of the world and yet our national park are crumbling under the weight of excessive visitors. The grizzle bear and buffalo almost became extinct. Salmon are over-fished and every ocean is over-fished. Each year, legal battles go on between countries over fishing rights. Remember save the whales? The Alabama sturgeon is in danger. Would we not question the sanity of anyone who put a glass in any major river of the world to take a drink? I wonder where this pollution comes from? Overpopulation is the obvious culprit.

If excessive population is the problem, perhaps it would be wise to focus on same. Consider minorities, they want more people for political strength. Intellectuals can sometimes rationalize that the world should not be populated only by the poor and undereducated. Countries need more growth for economic and military power. Saddam hussein wanted kuwaite for its oil, wealth and power in reverse order. In his sickness, the end justifies the means, which requires an·army of people we call soldiers which is another crime against humanity which overpopulation brings to prominence. If iraq was not overpopulated, would saddam have been so tempted? The catholic church is just now beginning to relax its ban on birth control and if i may be so bold, the church knows it gets the majority of its support from countries that are poor, overpopulated and have not focused on education. If we are to take the hebraic account of genesis seriously, it would seem we may be too fruitful and subsequently multiplying this wokld toward armageddon. If world leaders ever get so pushed by population problems that nuclear war seems the way out, i hope the first bomb drops on my head. Hopefully i will be fortunate enough to not live so long. The fall out and resultant nuclear winter will create a hell so wretched. . .

The french are known for their passion, sophistication and erudition. In the 1960s, french journalist david schoenbrun called france the only atheist catholic country in the world. Intellectually secular but with a history they cherish, the french value logic as a vital part of their zest for life. I do not think the world has to worry about being overpopulated by the french. They may make love but they also use their brain about making babies. The second most powerful instinct in humans is reproduction. Survival of the species has historicly required conjugal relationships.

The pleasure of recreating ourselves was apparently a part of the specific design of creation to assure species survival whether you credit mother
Nature, god or the power of need through evolution. This pleasure may
Be why we created the myths of being fruitful and multiplying and why
Over-population is an incredible problem today and will get worse
Everyday hence.

Mobile is losing historical treasures on government street because of growth problems. The mobile delta is being cut down by corporate greed at a terrible rate. The Brazillian rain forest produces approximately 40% of the worlds oxygen and at one time not long ago it was disappearing at the rate of a football field every 5 seconds. The fresh water in the everglades is disappearing at an exponential rate trying to keep up with the insatiable appetite of a sprawling Miami. The Colorado river is being drained trying to feed the water needs of phoenix and Los Angeles. The magnificent panda bear is in danger of extinction due to habitat loss from human encroachment. The list of insanities to the world from overpopulation is almost endless. It misguided vanity to profligate ourselves toward a life not worth living or maybe extinction. Is not the ozone a wake up call? The world health urbanization says that over 13,000 children die per day from malnutrition. People who marry and commit to having only one child like the president and his wife apparently did, show real concern for mother earth. Has anyone ever heard our president or the first lady complain because they did not have a son or another child. People who make such a sensitive, moral commitment for mother earth have my admiration for their intelligence, class and love for our world. Chief seattle may have put this whole subject in proper perspective. "the world does not belong to us. We belong to it." Take huhanity away and the earth would still exist. Take the earth away and humanity will cease. Even birds do not foul their nest as we intelligent beings do. What are we doing to ourselves whenever we foul our mother earth? As a businessman, i too want my business to grow, but if it does, i hope i will simplify my lifestyle and drift away from our mindless consumerism and put any extra earnings i may receive in the bank for retirement. If loan demand goes down in the us from lower consumer
Demands, you can rest assured bankers will look to third world expansion.
Then perhaps they can create jobs, economic growth, and hopefully a life worth living in third world countries. Henry David Thoreau made a great observation. "a man is righ in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone." Did you know there is a mall developer who wants to build a mall over Walden pond? Personally, i would like to have the spelling of mall changed to maul. We must compliment zero population growth and expanding no growth economics i.e. Expanding markets laterally into third world markets rather than expanding our own life style. All sane propriety demands we do such.

This century has provided two new insights into capitalism. Many may know of the Bolshevik revolution in Russia but how many of us know this word translates into English as "anti-capitalist." They had one small pocket of the vulgar rich as can be seen by the current Nicholas and Alexandria display in mobile and the balance of their society swarmed in a cesspool of abject poverty.

At the other end of this century capitalism has put more food, clothing and shelter in service to humanity and on the surface all seems well. We have created a great blessing for millions, and many would like for this blessing to grow. The best name for this growth should be frankenstein because the day is rapidly coming when this growth is going to turn and
Strangle us.

Is not the world reeling under the weight of overpopulation now? Fifteen
Years ago, could you have imagined bottled water in retail stores in
America. Growth can be good and bad and it appears we are at the bad end.
We must address this specifically and with a great sense of urgency.
Pogo is right. "i have seen the enemy and he is us."

Ross Sloan 

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