The basic premise of this essay is to reaffirm that whoever uses free will to control people is using something that is not logical and in fact does not exist.  Let us look to science for affirming this premise.  Religion of all types seems to be the greatest purveyor of free will to further enhance its control over people.       In the constant change of history, cause and effect (henceforth referred to as C&E) rules.  In fact, same represents the basic understanding of which Charles Darwin focused on i.e. the crust of our earth and its evolution.  However, European intellectuals were also thinking of evolution on a sub atomic level at the same time.  Cause and effect were dubbed Relativity by Albert Einstein in 1905.  It would seem that Darwin's Origin of the Species and Ludwig Buckner's Matter and Force were published less than half a decade from each other.  Buckner's book preceded Einstein and Relativity by almost exactly 4 decades.                                                                  Evolution is more easily understood as the history of change. C&E is the basics of understanding evolution, relativity and the laws of Thermodynamics.,    The first law of thermodynamics says that neither matter nor energy can be destroyed. The subsequent question would be could anything incapable of being destroyed be created?  Infinity is the lot which determines the lack of parameters around C&E, Evolution, Relativity and the laws of Thermodynamics.  They are infinite, i.e. without a beginning and without an end.                                                          Since Matter and Energy are both particles, is it not logical to say each is the same (physicists call this a singularity) and only separated by time and space in that infinite cycle.  The flow between matter and energy is eternal and shall always be; furthermore, it has always been.  The only time said particles are indistinguishable is at the Big Bang and the Big Crunch. Let us approach this view from another somewhat different perspective.            Cause moves to effect and effect moves to cause.  Thus, flow from one form to the other may be the best way to contemplate infinity which determines all, without exception.                   A relatively simple example of this can be found in the cartoon movie The Lion King.  Remember the scene where the lion cub and his father are standing atop a small mountainous cliff looking down on a herd of Water Buffalo and father says "Tomorrow we shall kill and eat one of those."  The son says "That seems so unfair."  The father replies "Son, what are they doing now?"  Son's answer "They are eating grass."  Father states, "It is the flesh and blood and bones of our ancestors that nurtured the grass they are eating. The are eating the ancestors of us all."      This is my personal recollection of this wonderful Disney classic and may not be exact but it fulfills the intent which seems rather unquestionable to me.                                The Photoelectric Effect may be the best summary of force.  In fact, the doctoral committee that gave Einstein his first doctorate was for The Photoelectric Effect thereby side stepping the possibility of a religious back lash that relativity would have surely inspired.  Can you see C&E there?                  The Disney illustration above shows, in a simple way, how light energy flows into said grass, is absorbed and whatever animal eats the grass absorbs the energy in the grass.  Does the reader see the flow here in both matter and energy?  Does this boil down to all the laws of physics being absolute, predictable, static and without exception and totally owned by Determinism?  The flow of matter and energy is evolutionary and absolute. I am trying to lead the reader down a good path to understand that the foundation of  Determinism is found in the laws of physics.  The cause determines the effect and vice versa.  It is an eternal cycle of flow.                                                                                                                     Perhaps the best, greatest and most succinct explanation of this view of the universe and infinity is Albert Einstein and even his own, quite brilliant, evolution in his mind from an eternal, static universe to a perpetually evolving universe.  It was in 1931 that he abandoned his static idea of the universe and placed cause and effect with the evolutionary concept of flow.  Change is one of the greatest constants of the universe and it would seem the best perspective is that everything evolves (is flowing), not just the flora and fauna on our wee little orb.  Darwin identified same in the ongoing evolution of our intellect.  Evolution is simply the history of change (flow).                                                                                                                                                   The laws of physics are owned by Determinism and cannot be separated by anything.  A scientific law is not a law if it has an exception. Thus, we come to the philosophical application of Determinism to the abstraction of the human brain and the dynamic of its synapse. I doubt many, if any, philosophers, logicians, intellectuals etc. would affirm 'free will' at all. If free will existed, Determinism would collapse.  Furthermore, the main reason the religions of the world promote choice is that it opens the door to free will and vice versa.  Simply because a choice exists does not mean that the choice you make is not determined by your past.  To use a somewhat religious analogy, we may gain significant insight into what we normally see as the complexity of the human brain.  First allow me to make a statement from the Hebrew scriptures I rather like and it seems to place the vanity of free will in a more proper perspective, "Vanity of vanity, All is vanity." Ecclesiastes 1:2.  For the sake of this illustration, imagine yourself as All KNOWING. Religions seem to think this can exist but I doubt so.  'On Mother's Day you give your Mother a $200 gift certificate to purchase a new Turtle Neck sweater from her favorite dept store OF HER CHOICE.  On the way there, you know which one she would choose because you know ALL her likes and dislikes in dept stores.  Before she arrives, you have already checked all the Turtle Neck sweaters and you know which ones would fit her best as well as her favorite cut, style, color, material etc.  Thus, there may have been 30 sweaters to choose from that would fit but the one she chose was DETERMINED by her past which you knew completely.   This seems simple to me but possibly I have not thought this through enough.  Good historians can see into the future very well because they see into the past very well therefore they see the threads of momentum from many directions Determining our future.  If you were born in India, would you probably be Hindu? Israel, Hebrew? Europe, Christian? Tibet, Buddhist? etc. Determinism rules all things.                                                                                                                                Please note, I do not want to detract any dignity from the many great and positive things that have evolved in human history (less all the bad like wars).  Maybe another essay is in order.  Also, perhaps we should look for ways to accentuate positive C&E in the future and detract from the negatives like war.                                    

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