One of the greatest insights into all of us is who we think are heroes to us and maybe should be to the world.  I am going to list these heroes of mine by my personal inspiration only and if I get many requests for why, I will write a brief bio on each for anyone to ponder.  Given the power of the computer, all can be looked up but if many express wonder on why I chose such a person, I am certainly given to providing detail on why.  Six thousand five hundred plus views of this web page from 38 countries is certainly appreciated by me.  I hope we all want to leave this world better than we found it and this blog is certainly an attempt by moi to help encourage people who may have had a tough start in life and could use encouragement.  In no particular order, the below list recalls some of my heroes in no particular order except for my rather random recall...

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Mahatma Ghandi
  • Winston Churchill
  • Elizabeth Jane Cochran aka Nellie Bly
  • Jesus and the ethic attributed to his character
  • William Shakespeare
  • Miquel de Cervantes
  • Francois-Marie A. Voltaire
  • Epicurus and the ancient Greek philosophers and play writes
  • Omar Khayyam
  • Ben Franklin
  • Sigmund Freud
  • Dr William Weaver
  • Nikola Tesla
  • Albert Einstein
  • Dr. Albert Schweitzer
  • Robert Ingersoll
  • Robert Burns
  • Dowe Jones
  • Bluford Sloan
  • good Moms and Dads world wide
  • good mentors everywhere
  • Clarence Darrow
  • H L Menkin
  • Rev. Thomas Robert Malthus
  • Charles Darwin
  • Ann Landers
  • Alex de Tocqueville
  • Peter the Great of Russia
  • a host of classical composers of the West
  • Samuel L. Clemens aka Mark Twain
  • Stephen Hawking
  • George Seldes
  • Russell H. Conwell
  • Chief Seattle
  • Martin Luther
  • Martin Luther King
  • John McElroy
  • Buddha

Please note that I live and was educated in the West (i.e. what little education I have) and am chagrined at what little I know of Eastern culture.  It is certainly passionate and powerful and I envy those who have great knowledge of same.  Those who would probably think of Confucius first should not find it difficult to make a list similar to the one above.

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  1. Please note that I recently realized that I left out one of my greatest heroes, Buddha. His concept of reverence for all life exactly coincidental with Monsieur Albert Schweitzer or the chronological reverse. Do you think Einstein would say 'Well Said'?


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