• As of July, 2013 the American Red Cross has received 21 gallons of whole blood from me. I would encourage any reader of this to donate blood too. Where does it say "It is better to give than receive?"  Let us all do our part if we can.  Disaster victims and soldiers world wide would say thanks....
  • University of South Alabama - gift to Endowed Scholarship for Handicapped Students (matched by the Mitchell-Moulton fund). 
  • University of Mobile ...A religious school that Ross owes a lot to and donations have been to both the school and to the Dr Wm. K. Weaver Scholarship fund.  Dr. Weaver may never know or understand what a surrogate savior he was to Ross one incredible year in his life. I don't think that debt could ever be totally repaid.  Thank you Dr. Weaver.
  • Donated a rare antique 1947 Ford 4 dr Deluxe to the local Fraternal Order of Police.

  • Donate 1 set each of a facsimile of the original Encyclopedia Britannica from 1775 & 6 to Univ of So Al and the other to University of Mobile.
  • Have sent several cash donations to the American Red Cross for international disasters like the earth quake and resultant tsunami in Japan, and the tsunami in South East Asia and aide for Haiti.

December 14, 2012
Ross Sloan an independent insurance representative stopped by Tapia Fire Stationlocated at 4710 Airport Boulevard to get a Christmas photo of the crew members who were riding on Ladder Truck 5 and Engine 22 on December 12, 2012.
On this visit to Tapia Fire Station Ross Sloan took a Christmas photo of the crew members who was on duty December 12, 2012.
On duty in the Christmas photo are Ricky Jordan, Bo McLARDY, Richard McMillan, Brian Woods, Darrell Farmer, Greg Jones, Lecedric Browne, and Vic Agnell.
Ross Sloan also drives his 65 mustang in the yearly Christmas Parade held every year in historic downtown Mobile.
The Ross Sloan Agency is located at 1500 Schillinger Road South Mobile, Alabama 36695.

Please take note that there is an infinite continuum of existence and none of the above could have been possible without the wonderful patronage of the thousands of customers of RSA INSURANCE. I am a very fortunate person and I hope the above somewhat shows that I have tried not to be selfish with the good things that have come my way.  Thanks to you all ! ALSO, I must certainly thank many, many State Farm agents, Allstate agents and Alfa agents that have trusted us to help you when they could not at the time. To all the great agents that have helped, we at RSA say THANKS.  We want to help you too. Please do not ever think we are not grateful.   Sincerely, Ross and David and Caity and Arlene

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  1. They don't come any better than Ross Sloan. Ross is genuine, cordial, thoughtful, and giving. He's a dear friend, and am proud to call him so.


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